08:00-09:00am Registration & Refreshments
09:00-09:10am Opening Remarks: Mr. Denny Chared, Founder & CEO, DC FinanceConference Moderator: Mr. Matt Oguz, Founding Partner, Venture Science
09:10-09:50am Blockchain Corporate Panel
Mr. Hadley Stern, Senior Vice President, Fidelity Labs; Ms. Adryenn AshleyFounder & CEO, Loly and Partner, Slay Ventures; Mr. Ismail MalikEditor-in-Chief, ICOCROWD and Founder & CEO, Blockchain Lab; Adil Adi, Mr. Jed Talvacchia, Director, R3’s Corporate Development
09:50-10:05am How Today’s Financial Ecosystem halts the Evolution of Banking and Investing into Alternate/Emerging Asset Classes - Fireside Chat with Mr. Jason Blick, Director & CEO, EQIBank and Mr. Guy Dietrich, Managing Director, Rockefeller Capital Management
10:05-10:15am TBA – Mr. Mitch Davis, Chief Commercial Officer, Emergent Technology Holdings LP
10:15-10:35am The Pulse of the Blockchain Industry: Technology Advances, Standards and Interoperability – Mr. Claudio Lima, Founder, BEC Blockchain Engineering Council
10:35-11:05am Coffee Break
11:05-11:25am The Inevitable Central Role of Blockchain in the Electronic Banking and Payment Industry – Mr. Jack Chang, Founder & CEO, GIVE Corp and Developer & patent Co-Holder of the ATM
11:25-11:35am Investing in Crypto: Types of Exposure and Questions to Ask -
11:35-11:55am Hedera Hashgraph – Next Generation Distributed Ledger – Mr. Mance Harmon, CEO & Co-Founder, Hedera Hashgraph
11:55-12:15pm The Disruptive Power of AI and Blockchain in a Future driven by Automation – Mr. Dave CoppsEntrepreneur & Investor
12:15-12:45pm The Regulator’s Standpoint – Mr. Shamoil T. Shipchandler, Regional Director for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Fort Worth Regional Office
12:45-01:05pm The SFO Panel
Mr. Guy Dietrich, Managing Director, Rockefeller Capital Management; Mr. Stephan D. Ott, Partner, Ott Capital Ventures, Mr. Brian Sewell, Founder, Rockwell Capital, Mr. Gideon Powell, CEO, Autonomous Crypto Corp
01:05-02:05pm Lunch
02:05-02:25pm From WeChat to Bitcoin: Why We Need Decentralized Technology - Mr. Alex Gladstein, Chief Strategy Officer, Human Rights Foundation
02:25-02:45pm Is Real Estate ready for Blockchain? – Mr. Kevin Shtofman, National Blockchain Lead, Real Estate at Deloitte
02:45-03:15pm The Innovation and New Technologies Panel
Moderator: Mr. Ed Hightower, Tri-chair, Tech Titans IoT Forum and Principal, IoT and BeyondWith: Mr. Eric Lenington, Founder & CEO, ObjectSpectrum LLC and Founder & Managing Partner, 24×8 LLC, Dr. Rajesh Narasimha, Founder & CEO, EdgeTensor Technologies
These are exciting times!  Technology is enabling us to do things that we could only dream of just a few years ago.  Join us as our panel of entrepreneurial technologists give us insights into how the Internet of Things and all its cutting-edge technologies including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and computer vision will combine to help us change the world and make it a better and safer place for all of us.
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